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At age 23, Lisa is at Yale and falls in love with a British man named Hugh Parkfield who she then is about to marry. In " Future-Drama ", at the age of 12, Lisa is saved from a house fire by Milhouse , which she later discovers was caused by him. Signaler Rejouer. The idea for the episode was pitched by James L. At night, she dresses in a turquoise nightgown with a frilly white collar and matching cuffs, as well as turquoise slippers. Top Jeux Unboxing Fun. Clique sur ce bouton pour le signaler. Get off the Bus! No Bake Cookies.

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She has had two different outfits for church and family outings: a magenta long-sleeved dress with a ruffled collar and magenta pumps for church, and a baby pink short-sleeved tutu dress with a darker pink belt and collar, and pink Mary-Jane shoes, and she occasionally wears a wide-brimmed hat with the same color scheme with it. Topless girl and naked boy. The Time Bandit! This is free porn at its absolute best.

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Lisa Simpson She has appeared in other media relating to The Simpsons — including video games, , , commercials and comic books — and inspired a line of merchandise. Barbara Bush. All the Simpson Family members. Futako 2D by D-Rock.

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Burns was a liar and Mary Bailey wins in a landslide, the only known supporters being Waylon Smithers , Bart, and Homer. She imagines herself obese and inside a hammock with eight children who continuously poke her with a stick. When she believes herself to be right she won't admit that others could be as well, and will often force her beliefs onto people. Behind Marge just to cover her nakedness and nudity from the viewer.

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Lisa mooning at the class. Without anyone else caring she continued to pester that the town founder, Jebediah Springfield was in actuality a murderous pirate and only refrained herself from revealing the truth when she realized how it brought the town together. Censored nudity in virtual reality. She later regrades the test as an F. Lisa has been known in earlier seasons to have a bit of a sassy attitude. She confronts her brother, saying she's sick and tired of him blaming her for every setback in his life, and confesses that she thinks Bart is a great artist, but he doesn't use his talent for anything. Princess Kashmir. Ralph gave her tickets to the 25th anniversary Krusty the Clown Show, but his heart was broken after Lisa admitted on TV that she was not in love with him. Harper Collins Publishers, pg. That said the prospect of a dull future also encourages Lisa to study further rather than immediately omit defeat as she did her very best to not become a housewife like Marge when their paths became very similar.

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Multiple clips of in-bed scenes. Groundskeeper Willie. In school, Lisa's popularity is affected by those who view her as a geeky overachiever, which leaves her with only a few friends.

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Deep down inside, Lisa loves her brother deeply. Author Comments. Person in painting.

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