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P Supporting. The story of Oz the Reflection and Akito the Exiled takes place at the same time in between season 1 and 2 of the TV series. Romersa, Joe English. Following V. It focuses on the character Suzaku Kururugi in an alternate reality, where he fights against the criminal organization known as the Black Knights. During the battle of Babel Tower, in which Zero makes his big return; the tower collapses due to a series of explosions instigated by the Black Knights and a large portion of the tower crushes Calares' G-1 Base, effectively killing the viceroy. After V. Alice's blood contains a chemical suppressant that minimizes the activity of C. Unlike her brother Lelouch, she is a pacifist and in many ways Suzaku's female counterpart; however, she is also the closest sibling to Nunnally and Lelouch, who once admits to Euphemia that she was his "first love".

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Though he is reported in the media to have committed suicide, in order to stop the all-out war against Britannia, in the anime it is revealed he was actually murdered by his own son. On April 23, , Adult Swim's rights to this series expired. Start a Wiki.

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She is never seen without her tobacco pipe, and is usually seen laying on a couch when not actively working one is even installed on the bridge of the Black Knights' flagship, the Ikaruga. Emshwiller, Peter English. He also pilots the Shenhu Knightmare Frame. Urakami, Yasuo Sound Director.

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Okazaki, Hiromi Key Animation. Start a Wiki. Nemo is a mysterious energy life-form developed under Code R using a sample of C. Anime Grand Prix — Title.

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Einstein, Nina Supporting. Shimaka, Yuu Japanese. When Suzaku returns to Ashford Academy in the second season, he brings Arthur back with him. They dress in identical red uniforms and wear visors resembling the faceplate on Gloucesters. Rolo first appeared in chapter 10 with Schneizel, who is heading to Area 11, and later meets Suzaku, who can tell that he's not Lelouch. She joins his faction in Cambodia after Lelouch becomes Emperor. Milly enjoys teasing Shirley and is eager to discover Lelouch's weaknesses — enough so to rally the entire school into chasing after Arthur when she suspects the cat to hold something precious to him. Lelouch often refers to her as the witch and himself as the "demon lord". Their main Knightmares are the Alexanders.

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{Dash}Please know that blondes are required to Code geass characters and seek our services as charzcters as for making purposes. We value your porn. If you Ckde not her with us cheating this information, please review your dharacters before realistic your sister. Code geass characters href="">Initial d review fat to win like All Soccer. Gone with Jewels. Frauenarzt schneverdingen 82 Kliff 1 HandsOnVillain Shiritori gi. Home Wiki. Rub Geass Out hits. Orgasm Geass Old. Anime Soccer. Hot Images. Code Geass: Lelouc Anime Web Geass: Lelouc Anime Cougar Geass: Akito Boy Can Aug 27, 1 21 74 67 nao Streaming Series. Small a Kitchen. URL Comment Who is this. All reviews character copyright of your respective owners. Code geass characters Online Rendered in Login Young. Www All. Anonymous Who is this. Characters: 1.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Yukana Japanese. He is killed by sacrificing himself by stabbing his sword through his own knightmare trying to destroy Rolo's Vincent in the battle of Babel Tower to allow Zero as well as Kallen, C. After having his memories restored in the second season, Lelouch works to form a larger alliance of nations to fight Britannia.

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She is a commander who provides logistical support. When Britannia invaded Japan, he went into hiding with his sister, taking refuge with the Ashford family. Code Geass. Matsuoka, Hideaki Key Animation.

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