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Eret, Son of Eret. Astrid doesn't seem the least bit intimidated by Drago when she first sees him, and even attempts talking him into releasing them. Before the events of the episode, they seemed to have a strong relationship. Even as an adult, Astrid is willing to go rogue and defy direct orders to ensure the safety of her loved ones. The flowers are for Astrid as a thank-you for letting me borrow her axe. In " When Lightning Strikes ", Astrid is the first person that Hiccup seeks out before leaving the island because of the lightning, and when Hiccup tells Astrid that he is leaving with Toothless the first thing that she asks if he will come back. The two are very close and have similar personalities.

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Sign In Don't have an account? When Hiccup began surpassing her, she grew visibly upset over his sudden improvements. The tan spines also match Astrid's blonde hair and arm wraps. A few days later, Astrid barely dodges as Hiccup, riding Meatlug flies over her.

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Astrid's relationship with Ruffnut starts off a little less solid. In How to Train Your Dragon , Astrid and Toothless are both hostile to each other during their first meeting, which ends with Astrid fleeing the scene. She even teases him in an affectionate manner, and calls him 'babe' when they are fighting Drago's army. Astrid is first seen in the beginning of the film, where she participates in dragon racing with her friends on Berk, during which she emerges victorious.

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Viggo withdraws his weapon after becoming alerted to her presence and claims he was only intending to lure the Submaripper out. Although her loyalties are steadfast, in " Snow Way Out ", Astrid had to hold back information from Hiccup at Heather's request. In Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2, Astrid and Heather spent time together bonding over throwing axes as well as having some "girl talk. Hiccup tells him to stay out of his personal life.

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Astrid's parents were first mentioned on Race to the Edge , Season 1 and were briefly seen during her wedding in the final movie. In Dawn of the Dragon Racers and Race to the Edge , Astrid's shirt is blue and her top red skirt has less spikes on it, and her black skirt underneath is replaced with a red skirt. Heather is one of the few people Astrid is the closest to despite the fact that they started off as rivals. Astrid ended up convincing Tuffnut to put her plan into action first, and they managed to sink two incoming ships. But you should never underestimate me. When he does find out, he is hurt that Astrid kept this information from him, but quickly forgives her. Sign In Don't have an account? The group is captured shortly after arrival and sentenced to be executed. Astrid's relationship with Ruffnut starts off a little less solid.

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Astrid now wears a red sleeveless shirt with a dark spiked skirt that matches her boots. After being blinded in "Blindsided", Astrid emphasized her other senses and was able to train Sleuther , a formerly untamable Triple Stryke. Her strong personality usually makes her hard to impress but once befriended, she makes a very loyal and compassionate friend. How smart she is.

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Astrid appears to care deeply for her parents and often worries over their safety. At first, Astrid is shown to be disinterested in romance - due to her sole focus on improving her fighting skills. With their first encounter still afresh in mind, Toothless decides to take her for a spin as soon as she seats herself on top of him.

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